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two we're discussing, trayvon martin and george, i only heard george talk. >> okay. whose voice do you believe that was in the background screaming for help? >> based on the fact i've only heard george's voice and it's a light male voice, i would say that it was his. >> by his, you mean who? >> george zimmerman. >> when you say you've heard him talk, tell us again about how long you've known him? >> by that time, it was two and a half years. >> an opportunity to hear him both speak to you and speak to others in your presence? >> that is correct. >> ever hear him yell for his dog or laugh at a joke or anything like that that you can recall? >> never heard him yell at the dog. i mean, whatever commands he gave the dog were very, you know, just like a voice talking to someone next to you, but again, from what i heard, he has a light male voice. >> i'm going to ask you, then, i'm going to try something that may work. i'm going to show you an exhibit, state's exhibit 1, and just see if there's any chance this can be done in a way where you can identify the picture. and then i'm going to hav
legal analyst, lisa bloom. lisa, we have just seen tracy martin, the father of trayvon martin, on the stand. and i think this is what the defense have been building up to today, isn't it, by presenting all of these witnesses, who are claiming that the voice they heard screaming out on that so-called lauer 911 tape was actually george zimmerman. >> well, that's right. and there have been seven witnesses who were family members or friends of george zimmerman who said, it is george zimmerman screaming out for help on that call. now we hear from tracy martin, the father of trayvon martin, who says he now believes it was his son, trayvon martin, calling out. but we know that initially, when he heard it the first time, he denied that it was his son. and we heard from two police officers who were present at that initial interview. the defense is opening, number one, that the jury will say, it was george zimmerman, and therefore this is a self-defense case, or a fallback position, it's just too muddled, it's impossible for us to believe, and therefore is reasonable doubt about it. i t
trayvon martin. this adds to the equation that george zimmerman was not particularly skilled in mma. on a scale of one to ten, this gym owner gives him a one. >> when you call somebody to the stand, you say s look, i'm this person's friend, immediately i would think the jury would have to say, okay, you're clearly biased, we're going to take you down a peg. then when a person comes up there and says, he was terrible, he was a one on a scale of one to ten, what are you supposed to make of that as a juror? >> a lot of the witnesses we've heard in this case have been friends and family members. there's always the potential for bias. i mean, this witness is coming across as somebody who has a very athletic background who's a professional in that area. obviously the jury will take that with the weight they think is appropriate. >> all right. let's go back to the testimony. >> i've happened to have had a meeting with one of my other trainers that i saw. happened to be yesterday. had a very brief conversation with him. when i first mentioned what i was going to be coming to testify, you kn
computer animated version of the events the night trayvon martin was shot to death. the video depicts the defense's version of the events as seen through zimmerman's eyes. the court heard from the forensic expert who produced that video. >> i put in the rod to match the bullet trajectory and then looked at his positions getting out of the car to see what position the bullet trajectory should be and if it was consistent with the height and the position of the shooter. >> the defense then called its first witness. a forensic pathologist who is on the stand right now. msnbc craig mevelvin joins us le from the courthouse. >> that is precisely the argument that the state was making. this animation, thomas, the judge called the hearing at 8:30 and we thought it would twa 30 minutes but after two hours the judge finally decided she wanted to bring the jury back in and this is an issue she thinks she can decide on later. the state indicated it's going to take them another 45 minutes to make the counterargument. this animation, by the way, it purports to show essentially what happened
that killed trayvon martin. >> testimony has just wrapped up from a forensic pathologist. >> the defense turns to the forensic pathologist for the evidence of the shooting. >> the muzzle of the gun is against closing -- >> that is part of the firing process. >> there will be a hole made in the clothing. >> this is the kind of hard scientific evidence that jurors tend to like. >> most of the morning, however, was consumed with a hearing without the jury. >> the court is hearing several motions. >> the animation of zimmerman's events. >> the 11th day of testimony in the george zimmerman trial. >> it is day three of the defense testimony. >> the case is just now days away from wrapping up. >> both sides are making their closing arguments shortly thereafter. >> george zimmerman's defense team today literally called on the man who wrote the book on forensic pathology, dr. vincent demayo, testified the testimony is consistent. >> the marks and the size of the pattern, it is my opinion that the muzzle of the gun in the case was two to four inches away from the skin. so the barrel of the gun was again
that dealt with him right after this interaction between the defendant and trayvon martin. >> that's correct. >> correct? >> yes. >> now, did i understand you correctly that you're saying that the difference between the photograph at the scene, that bloody photograph he's got -- do you have that big one by any chance? i know we've got it in evidence. i believe defense has a big one. the front. thank you, mr. o'mara. you're saying this one right here, that there's a difference between -- i apologize, your honor. may i approach the witness? >> yes, you may. >> this big photograph that shows the front of the defendant's face has some blood on it that was taken by the police out there, right? you remember seeing that. >> yes, sir. >> okay. you're saying that you believe there was something wrong with his nose, the right part of his nose, correct? >> yes, sir. if you look at the photograph taken about four hours later, that marked deviation of the side of the nose is not there. it's disappeared. >> do you need something to drink? >> no, no. >> your opinion is that you believe the fire rescue peop
, "hardball" with chris matthews. >>> who was trying for help? trayvon martin or george zimmerman? let's play some "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm michael smerconish in for chris matthews. leading off tonight, day 20 of the trayvon martin murder trial. it's the first full day for george zimmerman's defense team, which say they could rest their case as early as wednesday. zimmerman is pleading not guilty to second-degree murder charges, citing self-defense. well, today the defense team called witness after witness, including trayvon's father, tracy martin, in an attempt to counter last week's dramatic testimony from trayvon's mother, sybrina fulton. she told the court it was absolutely her son's voice yelling for help in the background of a neighbor's 911 call, but mr. martin previously said that it wasn't his son's voice. it was key testimony. at the heart of the issue whether or not zimmerman acted, as he claims, in self-defense. since the prosecution rested its case on friday, the defense has already called about a dozen witnesses, including zimmerman's mother, who said late friday that i
. >>> also tonight, three days after trayvon martin's and george zimmerman's mothers both identified the same screaming voice on a 911 tape as belonging to their respective sons, zimmerman defense took a different approach today. i'll tell you why zimmerman's own team is making sure you know zimmerman was lousy in the gym. >>> plus, what the nazis learned from the california prison system and why it's all horrifyingly relevant today. >>> but we begin tonight in san francisco, where investigators are trying to determine what exactly happened onboard asiana flight 214 that caused it to crash land into san francisco's international airport over the weekend. with 307 people onboard. tonight we know there are two confirmed fatales in the crash, 16-year-old wang jinlia. both were on the way to attend a church summer camp. 180 people were injured yesterday in a striking scene. asiana's president and ceo flanked by several of the company's board members bowed in apology to the passengers and their families. what we know today is that flight 214 was cleared for a visual landing as it headed into san
on a conversation with him over the weekend, that they are going to call tracy martin as well, trayvon martin's father. >> they're going to be playing more of the audiotape of george zimmerman's call into the nonemergency police line. again, leeanne benjamin, swroge zimmerman's friend is on the stand. >> sanford police department. >> we have a real suspicious guy, the best address i can give you is 111 -- this guy looks like he's up to no good, or he's on drugs or something. it's raining and he's just walking around looking about. >> is he white, black or his sp span nick. >> he looks black. he's just staring. >> he's just walking around the area? >> he's looking at all the houses. now he's just staring at me. >> the -- that's the clubhouse. >> are you near the clubhouse right now? >> yes, now he's coming towards me. >> okay. >> and he's a black male? how old would you say he was? >> he's got a button on his shirt. >> there's something wrong with him. he's coming to check me out. he's got something in his hands. i don't know what his deal is. >> let me know if he does anything, okay? we have
the first punch and also couldn't testify whether trayvon martin at any point was actually grabbed the gun as have been said. they also wonder how the medical examiner has handled the clothes. as you indicated, dr. di maio, the star witness today as you indicated, also as you indicated mark o'mara saying, giving every impression, the last witness that we saw, the neighbor, one of george zimmerman's neighbors, eloise della guard would be the last witness for the defense. right now inside the courtroom they're wrapping up a hearing, a hearing that started this morning. this is a hearing about whether this specific animation is going to do be admitted. the defense spent two hours this morning arguing for this animation to be admitted into evidence. and this is an animation that essentially depicts how the altercation started, how the fight went down, and it is based largely on witness accounts, defense witness accounts, it's based on police reports as well. an earlier version of this animation actually showed trayvon martin on top, punching george zimmerman. the state argued successfully to h
the alleged confrontation between george zimmerman and trayvon martin shortly before trayvon martin was shot. let's listen in. >> -- but you can get severe head trauma without more on the scalp sglp so scalp. >> sort of gauging the amount of force necessary to cause those injuries alone, would that be enough force in your opinion to cause this stunning effect that you talked about? >> oh, yes. anyone who's ever had a real bang on the had head knows, you don't have to have a laceration or big bruise to be -- it's a transient type of thing. maybe five, ten seconds, you know, you're kind of stunned. that's why that's a good term to use. medically the doctors would refer to it as a ultra mild concussion. but stunning would be a better thing because people experience that and they hit their heads an they understand it and it is not really of much significance neurologically. >> if you sustained a stunning blow like this, and then you continued to receive additional blows to the head, would the additional blows continue to cause this stunning effect? >> oh, yeah. yeah. >> so it may compound, in a
zimmerman. george zimmerman has pleaded not guilty in the death of trayvon martin, claiming he shot the teenager in self-defense. sarah, break down these new rulings for us. >> reporter: good morning. late yesterday just before court got out, the judge ruled the trayvon martin toxicology report that shows thc, the active ingredient in marijuana, will be allowed in court. monday afternoon, the defense called tracy martin, trayvon martin's, father to the stand to testified. he denied telling investigators the voice on the 911 tape screaming for help was not his son's. >> i kind of pushed away from the -- away from the table and just kind of shook my head and said, i can't tell. >> reporter: he told prosecutors he listened to the tape multiple times at the mayor's office weeks later. >> basically what i was listening to, i was listening to my son's last cry for help. >> reporter: earlier in the day the defense brought back those two investigators to talk about martin's initial response to the 911 tape. >> there's no doubt he was telling us that that didn't sound like his son to him. >>
calls friends of george zimmerman to testify about the 911 recording from the night trayvon martin died. could the defense also call martin's father to the stand? we'll bring you the trial live whether it resumes from the lunch break. >>> city of second chances. former new york governor eliot spitzer is trying to reclaim his political career after being caught up in that prostitution scandal. this time is he running for new york city controller. >> what i'm looking for is a chance to be heard. want the voters to listen to what i've done, look at the record i developed as an attorney general, as an assistant attorney general, as a governor, and say this guy assisted the public interest. >>> rule britainnia. andy murray brings the wimbledon trophy home for the first time in 77 years. fred perry was the last brit to win the singles title at wimbledon. that was all the way back in 1936. this morning andy murray told the "today" show his new reign at the all-england club was well worth the wait. >> it's been a lot of years since any brits have won there and i've been reminded of that most da
whether trayvon martin at any point has actually grabbed the gun as have been said. they also wonder how the medical. also, as you indicated, mark, one of george zimmerman's neighbors elloise dell guard, would be the last. they're wrapping up a hearing. this is a hearing whether this specific animation is going to be admitted. the defense spent two hours this. this is an animation that essentially de. . defense witness accounts is boi boisd, and earlier also showed. at this particular point. nonethele nonetheless, the state said the entire animation should not be allowed. going back to the timetable, martin, it appears as if, appears being the operative word, that the defense could very well rest its case tomorrow and start closing arguments. >> craig, last night you broke news here when you told us there had been an effort by the defense successful to bring in toxicology information. interestingly, they got the green light and didn't do it. >> you know what, michael, that was -- >>. mo more, this toxicology report showed trayvon martin had a, and for whatever reason the defense. just as
used by george zimmerman to fatally use trayvon martin was to the victim's body. he also gave detail answers to questions concerning wounds to both individuals. joining us now, nbc's craig melvin live in sanford, florida, and msnbc analyst lisa bloom. craig, back to you first. they are back in session but they are approaching the bench. talking to the judge. what do we expect this afternoon? >> reporter: when they start back -- you know what, andrea? >> i think they've just started, craig. let's go right to the courtroom and the cross examination of dimaio. >> -- it was trayvon martin who attack george zimmerman. you can't say that. >> that's correct, sir. >> in fact, you can't testify as to who threw the first punch. >> that's correct, sir. >> in fact, you can't really testify whether there was a first punch thrown. >> that's correct, sir. >> you can't say whether it was trayvon martin defending himself or george zimmerman defensing himself in terms of when this first started. >> when it first starred? that's correct, sir. >> your testimony is really only focusing on the time of the
zimmerman. >> on friday, the prosecution called trayvon martin's mother and brother to the stand. both of whom said it was martin calling for help. today the prosecution highlighted the fact -- highlighted the call that zimmerman made to police that night. attorney bernie de la rionda asked sondra osterman, a friend of zimmerman's, whether zimmerman seemed angry that night. >> when someone tells the police that these -- pardon my language -- [ bleep ] get away, he's not upset that in the past people have gotten away and this time they're -- this time mr. trayvon martin is going to get away? you don't take it as that? >> i don't take it as he's angry, no. >> let's go back to the court now where george zimmerman's a friend don donnelly is testifying on the stand. >> you heard another par dealing with where he uses other derogatory words? you had not heard that before? >> i may have heard snippets of it, sir. but i'm hearing everything pretty much fully today. >> okay. so you were trying to become familiar with his voice, i guess you were already familiar with his voice but you were tryin
, trayvon martin's father. he denied claims he told police investigators the screaming voice on a 911 tape was not his son's. >> do you recall officer asking you whether you could identify your son's voice? >> not -- not those exact words, but some to that nature, yes. >> okay. do you recall the words, as best that you can recall, he used? >> as best that i recall, that he played the tape. he basically just said, do you recognize the voice? >> and what was your response? >> my response was, that's -- i didn't tell him -- i didn't tell him, no, that wasn't trayvon. i kind of -- i think the chairs had wheels on them and i kind of pushed away from the -- away from the table and just kind of shook my head and said, i can't tell. >> so, your words were, i can't tell? >> something to that effect, but i never said, no, that that wasn't my son's voice. >> now, martin's testimony contradicts what two police officers said earlier in the trial. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, saying he shot martin in self-defense after being attacked. >>> the three women held captive for yea
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)